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Featured titles

Micropaleontologic Proxies for Sea-Level Change and Stratigraphic Discontinuities
SEPM Special Publication 75
Hilary Clement Olson, R. Mark Leckie
Paleozoic Carbonates of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Subsurface Reservoirs and Outcrop Analogs
SEPM Special Publication 74
William G. Zempolich, Harry E. Cook
Shelf Margin Deltas and Linked Down Slope Petroleum Systems—Global Significance and Future Exploration Potential
23rd Annual Research Conference
H.R. Roberts, N.C. Rosen, R.H. Fillon, J.B. Anderson
Structure and Stratigraphy of South Texas and Northeast Mexico—Applications to Exploration
Norman C. Rosen
Siltstones, Mudstones and Shales: Depositional Processes and Characteristics
SEPM Miscellaneous Publication
Erik D. Scott, Arnold H. Bouma, William R. Bryant
Deep-Water Core Workshop
Paul Weimer, Michael Sweet, Morgan Sullivan, John Kendrick, David Pyles, and Art Donovan
Sedimentation in Continental Rifts
SEPM Special Publication 73
Robin W. Renaut, Gail M. Ashley
Phanerozoic Reef Patterns
SEPM Special Publication 72
Wolfgang Kiessling, Eric Flugel, Jan Golonka
Continental Trace Fossils
SEPM Short Course 51
Stephen T. Hasiotis
Sequence Stratigraphic Models for Exploration and Production: Evolving Methodology, Emerging Models and Application Histories
22nd Annual Research Conference
John Armentrout