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Sequence Stratigraphy of Siliciclastic Systems
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 9, 2nd edition
Vitor Abreu, Howard R. Feldman, Keriann H. Pederson, and Jack E. Neal
New Frontiers in Paleopedology and Terrestrial Paleoclimatology—Paleosols and Soil Surface Analog Systems
SEPM Special Publication 104
Steven G. Driese, Lee C. Nordt, Paul J. McCarthy
Analyzing the Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins—Methods and Case Studies
SEPM Special Publication 103
Nicholas B. Harris, Kenneth E. Peters
Phanerozoic Paleoclimate: An Atlas of Lithologic Indicators of Climate
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 11
Arthur J. Boucot, Chen Xu, and Christopher R. Scotese
Application of the Principles of Seismic Geomorphology to Continental-Slope and Base-of-slope Systems—Case Studies from Seafloor and Near-Seafloor Analogues
SEPM Special Publication 99
Bradford E. Prather, Mark E. Deptuck, David Mohrig, Berend van Hoorn and Russell B. Wynn
Permian Rotliegend of the Netherlands
SEPM Special Publication 98
Jurgen Grotsch and Reinhard Gaupp
Outcrops Revitalized: Tools, Techniques and Applications
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 10
O. Martinsen, A. Pulham, P. Haughton, M. Sullivan
Application of Modern Stratigraphic Techniques: Theory and Case Histories
SEPM Special Publication 94
Kenneth T. Ratcliffe, Brian Zaitlin
Sequence Stratigraphy of Siliciclastic Systems-The ExxonMobil Methodology: An Atlas of Exercises
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 9
Vitor Abreu, Jack E. Neal, Kevin M. Bohacs, James L. Kalbas
Seismic Imaging of Depositional and Geomorphic Systems
30th Annual Conference
Lesli J. Wood, Toni T. Simo, Norman C. Rosen