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Featured titles

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, and Reservoir Geology of the Henry Mountains Region, Southern Utah
SEPM Field Guidebook 15
FG 15
PALAIOS 34: 11 & 12 PAL 34:11_12
Carbonate Pore Systems: New Developments and Case Studies
SEPM Special Publication 112
Donald F. McNeill, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Eugene C. Rankey, and Jean C.C. Hsieh
SP 112
PALAIOS 34: 9 & 10 PAL 34:9_10
PALAIOS 34: 7 & 8 PAL 34:7_8
PALAIOS 34: 5 & 6 PAL 34:5_6
From the Mountains to the Abyss: The California Borderland as an Archive of Southern California Geologic Evolution
SEPM Special Publication 110
Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Jon R. Schwalbach, and Richard J. Behl
SP 110
Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils IV
SEPM Special Publication 111
Richard A. Denne and Alicia Kahn
SP 111
PALAIOS 34: 3 & 4 PAL 34:3_4
Latitudinal Controls on Stratigraphic Models and Sedimentary Concepts
SEPM Special Publication 108
Carmen M. Fraticelli, Paul J. Markwick, Allard W. Martinius, and John R. Suter