Cenozoic Isolated Carbonate Platforms—Focus Southeast Asia

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SP 114

Cenozoic Isolated Carbonate Platforms—Focus Southeast Asia

SEPM Special Publication 114

Eugene C. Rankey and Michael C. Pöppelreiter

Publication date: 2023
Subject: Carbonates

Isolated carbonate platforms are abundant and widespread in Cenozoic strata in present-day oceans of Southeast Asia including the Central Luconia Province of Malaysia.

These carbonates buildups can be several 100s meters tall and are constructed mainly by corals in association with red algae and foraminifera. These isolated carbonate platforms have been a target of petroleum exploration for many decades, and many are now being converted for carbon capture projects. 

These reservoirs have served as a classic laboratory for development of important concepts in carbonate geology, and yet many important questions remain.

The papers in SEPM Special Publication 114 provide a synthesis of these important strata.  Starting with stratigraphic and regional perspectives, the volume describes modern and outcrop analogs, and dives into several specific subsurface examples.

Covering exploration history, tectonic setting, biostratigraphy, depositional and diagenetic aspects, and modeling of these systems, the volume presents a wealth of new data, including previously proprietary data.

The Special Publication reflects the current state of understanding, to explore gaps in knowledge, and casts a glance towards the future of the play.   This volume will be of interest to geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir modelers working on carbonate reservoirs, in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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ISBN 978-1-56576-368-5
eISBN 978-1-56576-369-2

Title information

Dedication to Mohammad Yamin Ali


Introduction to Cenozoic Isolated Carbonate Platforms—Focus Southeast Asia
Eugene C. Rankey and Michael C. Pöppelreiter

Stratigraphic and Regional Perspectives

Deep-Time Perspectives on Miocene Isolated Carbonate Platforms of Southeast Asia
Eugene C. Rankey

The Miocene World: A Brief Summary
Lowell E. Waite, Richard B. Koepnick, and James R. Markello

Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework of Luconia Carbontes
Peter Lunt

Biological Evolution of Southeast Asian Carbonates, Based on Their Microfossil Content
Peter Lunt

Tectono-Stratigraphic Controls on Cenozoic Southeast Asian Carbonates
Peter Lunt and Peter Woodroof

Modern and Outcrop Analogs to Subsurface Cenozoic Carbonates

Modern Carbonate Systems of Southeast Asia: Developing Insights for Understanding Subsurface Carbonate Reservoirs in Southeast Asia
Eugene C. Rankey, Georg Warrlich, Erwin Adams, Kim P. Jakobsen, and James Teoh

Spatial Distribution of Sedimentary Facies on Modern Carbonate Platforms Interpreted via Remote Sensing, Northwest Celebes Sea, Malaysia
Aicha Chalabi, Grisel Jimenez Soto, and Bernard J. Pierson

The Evolution of Carbonate Systems During the Oligocene–Miocene Transition: An Example of Subis Limestone, Malaysia
Saw Bing Bing, Mu Ramkumar, Jyotsana Rai, Jose Antonio Gamez Vintaned, Grisel Jimenez, Syed Haroon Ali, and Michael Pöppelreiter

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Ecology of the Subis Limestone and the Late Oligocene/Early Miocene Carbonates in the Sarawak Basin (Borneo, Malaysia)
Mario M.A. Wannier

Subsurface Cenozoic Carbonates

Exploration History of the Central Luconia Carbonate Gas Play
Arthur van Vliet and Mario Wannier

Carbonate Characteristics of Banyu Urip, Kerendan, Arun, and Natuna D-Alpha Fields: Cenozoic Isolated Carbonate Platforms as Major Reservoirs in Indonesia
Arya Disiyona and Awang H. Satyana

Facies, Stratigraphy, and Diagenesis of a Miocene Buildup, Central Luconia Province, Malaysia
Syed Haroon Ali, Michael C. Pöppelreiter, Saw Bing Bing, and Mumtaz M. Shah

Diagenesis of the Central Luconia Carbonate Platforms: The Roles of Early Dolomitization and Late Hydrothermal Fluids in Enhancing Deep Reservoir Properties
Mohammad Yamin Ali, Cedric M. John, and Howard D. Johnson

Karst in Miocene Carbonate Buildups of Central Luconia Province, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
Siti Sarah Ab Rahman, Michael C. Pöppelreiter, Grisel Jimenez, Ari Yusliandi, and Redwan Rosli

Forward and Inverse Stratigraphic Forward Modeling in Exploration and Appraisal Workflows: Insights from Miocene Carbonate Platforms, Central Luconia, South China Sea
Didier Granjeon and Véronique Gervais

Reservoir Modelling Strategies for Miocene Isolated Carbonate Platforms
Nicole van Vugt, Georg Warrlich, Nazrul Mohammad Nasri Liam, Chim Ling-Hua, Tommy Tam, and Bedriya Shahnaz Mohd Din

Peter Gutteridge and Joanna Garland

Pages: 348
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
DOI Number: 10.2110/sepmsp.114
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Eugene C. Rankey and Michael C. Pöppelreiter