Characterization and Modeling of Carbonates - Mountjoy Symposium 1

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SP 109

Characterization and Modeling of Carbonates - Mountjoy Symposium 1

SEPM Special Publication 109

Alex J. MacNeil, Jeff Lonnee, and Rachel Wood

Publication date: 2018
Subject: Carbonates

In August of 2015 the first Mountjoy Carbonate Conference, co-hosted by the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) and Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), took place in Banff, Alberta. As the approaches to characterization and modeling of carbonate reservoirs are undergoing rapid changes, this was the theme of the meeting. This Special Publication, following the inaugural meeting, contains nine state-of-the art papers relating to the (1) characterization of carbonates and advances in analytical methods, (2) controls on carbonate reservoir quality and recovery factors, and (3) reservoir distribution, the modeling of dolostone geobodies, and reservoir prediction. The Introduction includes an overview of Eric Mountjoy’s career and his many contributions to the science. The contents of this Special Publication should be useful to those engaged in the characterization and modeling of carbonate reservoirs, including unconventional carbonate reservoirs, and is highly recommended as one of the most impactful recent publications for those working in this area of sedimentary science.

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ISBN 978-1-56576-352-4
eISBN 978-1-56576-353-1

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Introduction to Characterization and Modeling of Carbonates—Mountjoy Symposium 1
Alex J. MacNeil, Jeff Lonnee, and Rachel Wood

Characterization of Carbonates and Advances in Analytical Methods

Dolomite, Very High-Magnesium Calcite, and Microbes—Implications for the Microbial Model of Dolomitization
Stephen E. Kaczmarek, Jay M. Gregg, David L. Bish, Hans G. Machel, and Bruce W. Fouke

Reservoir Characterization and Fluid Recovery in Carbonate Mudrocks—The Unconventional Conventional Reservoir
T. Dawn Jobe, A. Franklin, M. Alsuwaidi, W. Alameri, and J.F. Sarg

Depositional Facies Influence on Shallow Burial Dolomitization, and Triassic Dedolomitization, Middle Cambrian Ledger Formation, York, Pennsylvania
Carol B. de Wet, Monica Arienzo, Philip Dinterman, and David Hopkins

Controls on Carbonate Reservoir Quality and Recovery Factors

A New Facies Architecture Model for the Silurian Niagaran Pinnacle Reef Complexes of the Michigan Basin
Matthew J. Rine, Jonathan D. Garrett, and Stephen E. Kaczmarek

Moldic-Pore Distribution, Basement Paleotopography, and Oil Production from a Devonian Dolostone Reservoir, Peace River Arch, Western Canada
John B. Dunham and Nigel Watts

Dolomitization and Dedolomitization of a Peritidal Carbonate Reservoir; Late Devonian Upper Leduc Formation, East-Central Alberta, Canada
Nicholas P. Ettinger, Walter Loogman, and Noel P. James

Reservoir Distribution, the Modeling of Dolostone Geobodies, and Reservoir Prediction

A Multidisciplinary Modeling Approach to Assess Facies-Dolomitization-Porosity Interdependence in a Lower Cretaceous Platform (Northern Spain)
Marta Gasparrini, Ignacio López-Cilla, Silvia Blázquez-Fernández, Idoia Rosales, Olivier Lerat, Javier Martín-Chivelet, and Brigitte Doligez

Seismic Response and Properties of Non-Stratabound Dolostone Reservoirs: Scenario Evaluations
J.G. Solum, K. Lauriks, A. Bistacchi, F. Storti, F. Balsamo, R. Swennen, M. Mozafari, C. Tueckmantel, and C. Taberner

Petrography and Geochemistry of the Lower–Middle Ordovician Dolomites in Northwestern Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin, China
Qingyu Huang, Suyun Hu, Shaonan Zhang, Wei Liu, Shuyuan Shi, Kun Wang, Ning Ye, and Yingtao Li

PDF ebook file size: 626 mb

Pages: 196
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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Alex J. MacNeil, Jeff Lonnee, and Rachel Wood