Journal of Sedimentary Research 86:9 & 10

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Journal of Sedimentary Research 86:9 & 10

Publication date: 2016
Subject: Sedimentology

First published in 1931, JSR is the oldest earth science journal dedicated to the field of sedimentology. JSR continues its long tradition of publishing papers that become benchmark contributions to sedimentary geology. The journal is broad and international in scope and welcomes contributions that further the fundamental understanding of sedimentary processes, the origin of sedimentary deposits, the workings of sedimentary systems, and the records of earth history contained within sedimentary rocks.

Title information

Journal of Sedimentary Research
September 2016; Vol. 86, No. 9

Research Articles

Sequence stratigraphic context of extensive basin-margin evaporites: Middle Jurassic Gypsum Spring Formation, Wyoming, U.S.A.
Annaka M. Clement and Steven M. Holland

Density-flow deposition in a fresh-water lacustrine rift basin, Paleogene Bach Long Vi Graben, Vietnam
Jussi Hovikoski, Jens Therkelsen, Lars H. Nielsen, Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Hans P. Nytoft, Henrik I. Petersen, Ioannis Abatzis, Hoang A. Tuan, Bui Thi Ngoc Phuong, Cao Van Dao, and Michael B.W. Fyhn

Living on the edge: evaluating the impact of stress factors on animal–sediment interactions in subenvironments of a shelf-margin delta, the Mayaro Formation, Trinidad
Sudipta Dasgupta, Luis A. Buatois, and M. Gabriela Mángano

Depositional environment of the Lower Cretaceous (upper Albian) Winton Formation at Isisford, central-west Queensland, Australia, inferred from sandstone concretions
Caitlin E. Syme, Kevin J. Welsh, Eric M. Roberts, and Steven W. Salisbury

Friction- and inertia-dominated effluents in a lacustrine, river-dominated deltaic succession (Pliocene Upper Valdarno Basin, Italy)
Francesco Fidolini and Massimiliano Ghinassi


Deciphering Earth’s natural hourglasses: perspectives on source-to-sink analysis
William Helland-Hansen, Tor O. Sømme, Ole J. Martinsen, Ian Lunt, and John Thurmond


Journal of Sedimentary Research
October 2016; Vol. 86, No. 10

Research Articles

Morphodynamic and hydrodynamic controls on the stratigraphic architecture of intertidal compound dunes on the open-coast macrotidal flat in northern Gyeonggi Bay, west coast of Korea
Joohee Jo and Kyungsik Choi

Co-evolution of volcanic and lacustrine systems in Pleistocene Long Valley Caldera, California, U.S.A.
Benjamin S. Murphy, Robert R. Gaines, and Jade Star Lackey

Connections between fluvial to shallow marine environments and submarine canyons: implications for sediment transfer to deep water
Michael L. Sweet and Michael D. Blum

Diagenetic origins of the calcite microcrystals that host microporosity in limestone reservoirs
Franek J. Hasiuk, Stephen E. Kaczmarek, and Shawn M. Fullmer

Interplay of structural, climatic, and volcanic controls on late Quaternary lacustrine–deltaic sedimentation patterns in the western branch of the East African Rift System, Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania
Cassy Mtelela, Eric M. Roberts, Robert Downie, and Marc S. Hendrix

Sand compositional changes as a support for sequence-stratigraphic interpretation: the middle upper Pleistocene to Holocene deposits of the Roman Basin (Rome, Italy)
Daniel Tentori, Kathleen M. Marsaglia, and Salvatore Milli

Stylolites and porosity in a Lower Cretaceous limestone reservoir, onshore Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Stephen N. Ehrenberg, Sadoon Morad, Liu Yaxin, and Rulin Chen

Current Ripples

Longshore size grading on a boulder beach
Andrew Green, Andrew Cooper, and Leslee Salzmann

Pages: 268
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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