Journal of Sedimentary Research 88: 7 & 8

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JSR 88:7&8

Journal of Sedimentary Research 88: 7 & 8

Publication date: 2018
Subject: Sedimentology

First published in 1931, JSR is the oldest earth science journal dedicated to the field of sedimentology. JSR continues its long tradition of publishing papers that become benchmark contributions to sedimentary geology. The journal is broad and international in scope and welcomes contributions that further the fundamental understanding of sedimentary processes, the origin of sedimentary deposits, the workings of sedimentary systems, and the records of earth history contained within sedimentary rocks.

Title information

Table of Contents                                                                                  July 2018


Depositional cycles in a Lower Cretaceous limestone reservoir, onshore Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Stephen N. Ehrenberg, Stephen W. Lokier, Liu Yaxin, and Rulin Chen

Sediment volume and grain-size partitioning between submarine channel–levee systems and lobes: an experimental study
Jan de Leeuw, Joris T. Eggenhuisen, Yvonne T. Spychala, Maarten S. Heijnen, Florian Pohl, and Matthieu J.B. Cartigny

A conceptual model for the preservation of thick, transgressive shoreline successions: examples from the forearc Nanaimo Basin, British Columbia, Canada
Macy T. Jones, Shahin E. Dashtgard, and James A. MacEachern

Organic matter, textures, and pore attributes of hypersaline lacustrine microbial deposits (Holocene, Bahamas)
Hannah L. Hubert, Eugene C. Rankey, and Christopher Omelon

The stratigraphically preserved signature of persistent backwater dynamics in a large paleodelta system: the Mungaroo Formation, North West Shelf, Australia
John Martin, Anjali M. Fernandes, Jennifer Pickering, Nick Howes, Simon Mann, and Katja McNeil


U-Pb detrital-zircon geochronology of the middle Bloyd sandstone (Morrowan) of northern Arkansas (U.S.A.): implications for Early Pennsylvanian sediment dispersal in the Laurentian foreland
Xiangyang Xie, Greg Buratowski, Walter L. Manger, and Doy Zachry

Table of Contents                                                                                  August 2018


Spatial and temporal evolution of coastal depositional systems and regional depositional process regimes: Campanian Western Interior Seaway, U.S.A.
Marijn Van Cappelle, Gary J. Hampson, and Howard D. Johnson

Cryogenic brine and its impact on diagenesis of glaciomarine deposits, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Mingyu Yang, Tracy D. Frank, and Christopher R. Fielding

Filter or conveyor? Establishing relationships between clinoform rollover trajectory, sedimentary process regime, and grain character within intrashelf clinothems, offshore New Jersey, U.S.A.
Grace I.E. Cosgrove, David M. Hodgson, Miquel Poyatos-Moré, Nigel P. Mountney, and William D. McCaffrey

The tectonically controlled San Gabriel channel–lobe transition zone, Catalina Basin, southern California Borderland
Katherine L. Maier, Emily C. Roland, Maureen A.L. Walton, James E. Conrad, Daniel S. Brothers, Peter Dartnell, and Jared W. Kluesner

A 600-million-year carbonate clumped-isotope record from the Sultanate of Oman
Kristen D. Bergmann, Said A.K. Al Balushi, Tyler J. Mackey, John P. Grotzinger, and John M. Eiler

Pages: 232
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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