Journal of Sedimentary Research 89: 7 & 8

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JSR 89:7&8

Journal of Sedimentary Research 89: 7 & 8

Publication date: 2019
Subject: Sedimentology

First published in 1931, JSR is the oldest earth science journal dedicated to the field of sedimentology. JSR continues its long tradition of publishing papers that become benchmark contributions to sedimentary geology. The journal is broad and international in scope and welcomes contributions that further the fundamental understanding of sedimentary processes, the origin of sedimentary deposits, the workings of sedimentary systems, and the records of earth history contained within sedimentary rocks.

Title information

Table of Contents                                                                                            July 2019


A methodology for disaggregation and textural analysis of quartz-cemented sandstones
Sarah A. Maithel, Leonard R. Brand, and John H. Whitmore

Planform recognition and implications of a Cretaceous-age continental-scale river avulsion node in the Western Interior Basin, Alberta, Canada
Harrison K. Martin, Stephen M. Hubbard, Cynthia A. Hagstrom, Sean C. Horner, and Paul R. Durkin

Controls on sedimentation and cyclicity of the Boquillas and equivalent Eagle Ford Formation from detailed outcrop studies of western and central Texas, U.S.A.
Daniel J. Lehrmann, Wan Yang, Zachary T. Sickmann, David A. Ferrill, Ronald N. McGinnis, Alan P. Morris, Kevin J. Smart, and Kirk D.H. Gulliver

Coalesced delta-front sheet-like sandstone bodies from highly avulsive distributary channels: the low-accommodation Mesa Rica Sandstone (Dakota Group, New Mexico, U.S.A.)
Anna E. Van Yperen, John M. Holbrook, Miquel Poyatos-Moré, and Ivar Midtkandal

Origin and evolution of stacked cut-and-fill structures on the southwestern margin of the Ulleung Basin, East Sea (Japan Sea)
Yongjoon Park, Donggeun Yoo, Nyeonkeon Kang, and Boyeon Yi

Table of Contents                                                                                       August 2019


Alluvial terracing in a falling-stage Braidplain: the Lower Cretaceous Cadomin Formation, west-central Alberta, Canada
Michael F. Johnson and Robert W. Dalrymple

Preservation of autogenic processes and allogenic forcings in set-scale aeolian architecture I: numerical experiments
Travis Swanson, David Mohrig, Gary Kocurek, Benjamin T. Cardenas, and Matthew A. Wolinsky

Preservation of autogenic processes and allogenic forcings in set-scale aeolian architecture II: the scour-and-fill dominated Jurassic Page Sandstone, Arizona, U.S.A.
Benjamin T. Cardenas, Gary Kocurek, David Mohrig, Travis Swanson, Cory M. Hughes, and Sarah C. Brothers

Onset of the Late Paleozoic glacioeustatic signal: a stratigraphic record from the paleotropical, oil-shale-bearing Big Snowy Trough of central Montana, U.S.A.
Justin P. Ahern and Christopher R. Fielding

Autogenic erosional surfaces in fluvio-deltaic stratigraphy from floods, avulsions, and backwater hydrodynamics
Vamsi Ganti, Michael P. Lamb, and Austin J. Chadwick


Interplay of autogenic and allogenic processes on the formation of shallow carbonate cycles in a synrift setting (lower Pliensbachian, Traras Mountains, NW Algeria)
Salim Belkhedim, Emilia Jarochowska, Miloud Benhamou, Abdelkrim Nemra, Radouane Sadji, and Axel Munnecke


Experimental investigations of combined flow sediment transport
Everett Smith, Max S. Daniller-Varghese, Paul M. Myrow, and David Mohrig

Pages: 236
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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