Journal of Sedimentary Research 90:10

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JSR 90:10

Journal of Sedimentary Research 90:10

Publication date: 2020
Subject: Sedimentology

First published in 1931, JSR is the oldest earth science journal dedicated to the field of sedimentology. JSR continues its long tradition of publishing papers that become benchmark contributions to sedimentary geology. The journal is broad and international in scope and welcomes contributions that further the fundamental understanding of sedimentary processes, the origin of sedimentary deposits, the workings of sedimentary systems, and the records of earth history contained within sedimentary rocks.

Title information

Table of Contents                                                                                          October 2020


Analysis of coastal-plain fluvial architecture and high-frequency stacking patterns in the Upper Cretaceous Masuk Formation, Utah, U.S.A.: climate-driven cyclicity?
Aaron M. Hess and Christopher R. Fielding

Shelf-edge delta and reef development on a mixed siliciclastic–carbonate margin, central Great Barrier Reef
James Daniell, Thomas Manoy, Robin J. Beaman, Jody M. Webster, and Ángel Puga-Bernabéu

Recurrence of turbidity currents on glaciated continental margins: a conceptual model from eastern Canada
Alexandre Normandeau and D. Calvin Campbell

Refinement of the stratigraphic framework for the Regional C depositional unit of the McMurray Formation and implications for the early transgression of the Alberta Foreland Basin, Canada
Chloé C.F. Château, Shahin E. Dashtgard, and James A. MacEachern

Development of inter-lava drainage systems in LIPs: the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province (U.S.A.) as a case study
Alena Ebinghaus, Ross Taylor, Aaron Barker, Adrian J. Hartley, David W. Jolley, and Malcolm J. Hole

Flow processes and sedimentation in a straight submarine channel on the Qiongdongnan margin, northwestern South China Sea
Chenglin Gong, Dongwei Li, Kun Qi, and Hongxiang Xu

Sediment-routing controls on sandstone bulk petrographic composition and texture across an ancient shelf: example from Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, Utah and Colorado, U.S.A.
Janifar H. Lupin and Gary J. Hampson

Shape difference of mud clasts depending on depositional facies: application of newly modified elliptic Fourier analysis to hybrid event beds
Sojiro Fukuda and Hajime Naruse

Fluvial architecture and paleoenvironmental evolution of the Los Colorados Formation (Norian): postrift stage of the Ischigualasto–Villa Unión Basin, NW Argentina
Paula Santi Malnis, Carina E. Colombi, Luis Martin Rothis, and Oscar Alcober


The International Sedimentary Geosciences Congress (ISGC) 2021: an opportunity to shape the future of sedimentary geosciences
Andrea Fildani and Jean Hsieh

Pages: 200
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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