Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings

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Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings

SEPM Special Publication 96

R. Craig Shipp, Paul Weimer, Henry W. Posamentier

Publication date: 2011

Historically, submarine-mass failures or mass-transport deposits have been a focus of increasingly intense investigation by academic institutions particularly during the last decade, though they received much less attention by geoscientists in the energy industry.

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Mass-transport deposits in deepwater settings: an introduction
R. Craig Shipp, Paul Weimer, and Henry W. Posamentier

The character and genesis of submarine mass-transport deposits: insights from outcrop and 3D seismic data
Henry W. Posamentier, and Ole J. Martinsen

Interplay of mass-transport and turbidite-system deposits in different active tectonic and passive continental margin settings: external and local controlling factors
C. Hans Nelson, Carlota Escutia, John E. Damuth, and David C. Twichell, Jr.

Seafloor and Near-Subsurface Studies

Algerian margin sedimentation patterns (Algiers area, southwestern Mediterranean)
Gabriela Dan-Unterseh, Bruno Savoye, Virginie Gaullier, Antonio Cattaneo, Jacques Deverchere, Karim Yelles, and the Maradja 2003 Team

Upper Quaternary seafloor mass-transport deposits at the base of slope, offshore Niger Delta, deepwater Nigeria
Jason P. Sutton, and Robert M. Mitchum, Jr.

Characterization of mass-transport deposits on a Pliocene siliciclastic continental slope, northwestern South China Sea
Mangzheng Zhu, Stephan Graham, and Tim McHargue

3-D Seismic stratigraphic interpretation of Quaternary mass-transport deposits in the Mensa and Thunder Horse intraslope basins, Mississippi Canyon, northern deep Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.
Jorge Diaz, Paul Weimer, Renaud Bouroullec, and Geoff Dorn

The Barrington submarine mass-transport deposit, western Scotian Slope, Canada
David C. Mosher, and D. Calvin Campbell

Late Neogene to Recent seafloor instability on the deep Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula
Valentina Volpi, David Amblas, Angelo Camerlenghi, Miquel Canals, Michele Rebesco, and Roger Urgeles

Geohazards Studies

Processes of submarine slope failure and fluid migration on the Ebro Continental Margin: implications for offshore exploration and development
Jose Frey-Martínez, Claudia Bertoni, Jean Gérard, and Hugo Matías

Impact of a large mass-transport deposit on a field development in the upper slope of southwestern Sabah, Malaysia, offshore northwest Borneo
Hongbo Lu, and R. Craig Shipp

Descriptive Outcrop Studies

Stratal architecture and temporal evolution of a passive margin mass-transport deposit, Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation, Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia, Canada
R.W.C. Arnott, K. Wallace, and J. Laurin

Submarine mass-transport deposits of the Permian Cutoff Formation, West Texas, U.S.A.: internal architecture and controls on overlying reservoir sand deposition
Robert Amerman, Eric P. Nelson, Michael H. Gardner, and Bruce Trudgill

Mass-transport deposits in the upper Paleocene Chicontepec Formation, Mexico
Stephen P.J. Cossey

Heterogeneity of internal structures in a mass-transport deposit, Upper Cretaceous to Paleocene Akkeshi Formation, Hokkaido Island, northern Japan
Hajime Naruse, and Makoto Otsubo

Integrated Outcrops and Subsurface Studies

Mass-transport deposits: combining outcrop studies and seismic forward modeling to understand lithofacies distributions, deformation, and their seismic stratigraphic expression
Mason Dykstra, Katerina Garyfalou, Vanessa Kertznus, Ben Kneller, Juan Pablo Milana, Matteo Molinaro, Magdalena Szuman, and Philip Thompson

Outcrop and seismic examples of mass-transport deposits from a Late Miocene deep-water succession, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Peter R. King, Bradley R. Ilg, Malcolm Arnot, Greg H. Browne, Lorna J. Strachan, Martin Crundwell, and Kristian Helle

Reservoir Studies

Mass-transport deposits of the deepwater northwestern Borneo margin (Malaysia)—characterization from seismic-reflection, borehole, and core data with implications for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation
Sam Algar, Chris Milton, Hywel Upshall, Jon Roestenburg, and Paul Crevello

Lithofacies analysis and stratigraphic architecture of a deep-water carbonate debris apron: Lower Cretaceous (latest Aptian to latest Albian) Tamabra Formation, Poza Rica Field Area, Mexico
Robert G. Loucks, Charles Kerans, Xavier Janson, and M. Alfredo Marhx Rojano

Reservoir characterization of sand-prone mass-transport deposits within slope canyons
Lawrence D. Meckel III, Matthew Angelatos, Jos Bonnie, Roderick McGarva, Tony Almond, Neil Marshall, Laurent Bourdon, and Karen Aurisch

Reservoir characteristics and classification of sand-prone submarine mass-transport deposits
Lawrence D. Meckel III

Topical Studies

Deformation versus deposition of sediment waves in the Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea
Gary Hoffmann, Eli Silver, Simon Day, Neal Driscoll, and Daniel Orange

Biostratigraphy of an upper Miocene mass-transport deposit on Demerara Rise, northern South American margin
Wesley C. Ingram, David C. Mosher, and Sherwood W. Wise, Jr.

Properties of mass-transport deposits as inferred from dynamic modeling of subaqueous mass wasting: a short review
Fabio V. De Blasio, and Anders Elverhøi

Hinlopen–Yermak Landslide, Arctic Ocean—Geomorphology, landslide dynamics, and tsunami simulations
Maarten Vanneste, Carl B. Harbitz, Fabio V. De Blasio, Sylfest Glimsdal, Jürgen Mienert, and Anders Elverhøi

PDF ebook file size: 265 mb

Pages: 527
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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R. Craig Shipp, Paul Weimer, Henry W. Posamentier