From the Mountains to the Abyss: The California Borderland as an Archive of Southern California Geologic Evolution

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SP 110

From the Mountains to the Abyss: The California Borderland as an Archive of Southern California Geologic Evolution

SEPM Special Publication 110

Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Jon R. Schwalbach, and Richard J. Behl

Publication date: 2019
Subject: California

This SEPM/PS-SEPM volume celebrates the life and scientific achievements of Donn S. Gorsline focusing on the California Continental Borderland, a region where Donn worked extensively. The 18 papers in this volume span offshore Borderland basin settings and exposures in onshore, inner Borderland regions affected by tectonic uplift. They touch on aspects of sedimentation in the modern source-to-sink sedimentary systems, encompassing some world-class Miocene to Pleistocene outcrops and the subsurface distribution of submarine fan and hemipelagic facies, as well as the structural evolution of the Borderland basins and their associated magmatic components. The broad topics covered will be of interest to a spectrum of geologists and geophysicists interested in transtensional to transpressional basin settings, the Cenozoic tectonic evolution of southern California, models of deep-marine to coastal depositional systems, as well as regional hydrocarbon exploration. Additionally, the geologic history and structure of the California Continental Borderland are connected with the distribution of modern seafloor life and marine ecosystems. This volume serves as a benchmark of current research in the region with the aim of spurring future exploration and study.

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Title information

Introduction—From the Mountains to the Abyss: The California Borderland as an Archive of Southern California Geologic Evolution
Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Richard J. Behl, and Jon R. Schwalbach

A Colleague’s Perspective
Orrin Pilkey

A USC Tribute to Donn Sherrin Gorsline
Will Berelson, Dave Bottjer, and Jon Schwalbach

Structural, Tectonic, and Magmatic Evolution of the Borderland

Structure, Evolution, and Tectonic Significance of the Eastern Boundary of the Outer Continental Borderland
G.L. De Hoogh, C.C. Sorlien, C. Nicholson, C.S. Schindler, and R.D. Francis

Oligocene and Miocene Volcanics in the Sedimentary Forearc of the Outer California Borderland
David A. Clague, K.M. Marsaglia, B.L. Cousens, and J.B. Paduan

The Scripps Dike and Its Implications for Mid-Miocene Volcanism and Tectonics of the California Continental Borderland
James M.D. Day, Anthony A.P. Koppers, Brendon C. Mendenhall, and Brian Oller

Shear Zone Faulting, Basin Evolution, and Volcanism along a Continental Margin Transform System: San Pedro Basin, Offshore Southern California
Robert D. Francis, Mark R. Legg, and Chris M. Castillo

Source-to-Sink Studies of Coastal to Deep-Marine Geomorphologic Features and Implications for Sediment Mobilization, Transport, and Deposition

The Stratigraphic Architecture of Small Incised Valleys along an Active Margin: Examples from the Oceanside Littoral Cell of the Southern California Coast
Baird L. King, Alexander R. Simms, and Lauren M. Simkins

Tracing the Arguello Submarine Canyon System from Shelf Origins to an Abyssal Sink
K.M. Marsaglia, B. Rodriguez, D.S. Weeraratne, H.G. Greene, N. Shintaku, and M.D. Kohler

Sand Provenance from Source to Sink in the Santa Monica Basin, California Borderlands: Significance of Calleguas Creek Input
Matthew Van Grinsven, Kathleen M. Marsaglia, and Brian W. Romans

The Santa Cruz Basin Submarine Landslide Complex, Southern California: Repeated Failure of Uplifted Basin Sediment
Daniel S. Brothers, Katherine L. Maier, Jared W. Kluesner, James E. Conrad, and Jason D. Chaytor

Stratigraphic Architecture and Sedimentology of Deep-Sea Sedimentary Systems

Hierarchical Organization and Spatial Variations of Lobes in Distributive Submarine Fans: Outcrop Study of the Point Loma Formation, California, USA
David R. Pyles, Alexandra E.P. Fleming, and Donna S. Anderson

Fault-Controlled Depositional Environments and Stratigraphy of an Early Inner Borderland Turbidite System: The Miocene Upper Modelo Formation, Eastern Ventura Basin, California
Gregory Gordon and David Pyles

On the Relationship among Submarine-Channel Stacking Patterns, Environmental Controls during Deposition, and Reservoir Architecture: Case Studies of Three Neogene Outcrops in Southern California
David R. Pyles, Daniel S. Schwartz, Renaud Bouroullec, David C. Jennette, and Gregory S. Gordon

Pliocene Repetto Formation Turbidites, Ventura Avenue Field, Ventura, California: Linking Reservoir Properties, Lithofacies, and Stratigraphic Elements
Jon R. Schwalbach, James W. Holloway, Elisabeth Steel, and Ralph Coldewey

Milankovitch Stratigraphy in the Miocene–Pliocene Monterey Marine Succession Offshore Central California
Pamela S. Hill and Richard J. Behl

Santa Barbara Basin Flood Layers: Impact on Sediment Diagenesis
William M. Berelson, Laura Morine, Alex Sessions, Nick Rollins, John C. Fleming, and Jon Schwalbach

Late Neogene to Recent Tectonic Deformation of the Borderland

Tectonic Evolution of the Palos Verdes Fault–Lasuen Knoll Segment, Offshore Southern California
Michael Thompson and Robert D. Francis

Right-Lateral Fault Motion along the Slope–Basin Transition, Gulf of Santa Catalina, Southern California
James E. Conrad, Daniel S. Brothers, Katherine L. Maier, Holly F. Ryan, Peter Dartnell, and Ray W. Sliter

Seafloor Exploration and New Frontiers

Seafloor Geology and It’s Application to Potential Benthic Habitats of Selected Areas within the Channel Islands National Park, California Borderland
H. Gary Greene, Charlie Endris, Norman Maher, Bryan Dieter, and Tracy Vallier

Intial Observations and Preliminary Interpretations from Teleprescence-Enabled Exploration of the Southern California Borderland, USA
Katherine L.C. Bell, Marie-Helene Cormier, Michael L. Brennan, Mark Legg, James E. Conrad, Chris M. Castillo, Nicole A. Raineault, Megan Lubetkin, Jeffrey Marlow, Chris Caldow, and Renato Kane

PDF ebook file size: 764 mb

ISBN 978-1-56576-354-8
eISBN 978-1-56576-355-5

Pages: 336
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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