PALAIOS 34: 5 & 6

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PAL 34:5_6

PALAIOS 34: 5 & 6

Publication date: 2019
Subject: Paleontology

PALAIOS, founded in 1986, is a journal dedicated to emphasizing the impact of life on Earth’s history as recorded in the paleontological and sedimentological records. PALAIOS disseminates information to an international spectrum of geologists and biologists interested in a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to, biogeochemistry, ichnology, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, paleoceanography, sedimentology, stratigraphy, geomicrobiology, paleobiogeochemistry, and astrobiology.

PALAIOS publishes original papers that emphasize using paleontology to answer important geological and biological questions that further our understanding of Earth history. Accordingly, manuscripts whose subject matter and conclusions have broader geologic implications—rather than narrowly focused discourses—are much more likely to be selected for publication. Given that the purpose of PALAIOS is to generate enthusiasm for paleontology among a broad spectrum of readers, the editors request the following titles that generate immediate interest; abstracts that emphasize important conclusions; illustrations of professional caliber used in place of words; and lively, yet scholarly, text.

PALAIOS should be the journal of choice in which to publish innovative research involving all aspects of past and present life from which geological, biological, chemical, and atmospheric processes can be deciphered and applied to finding solutions to past and future geological and paleontological problems. PALAIOS reserves the right to reject manuscripts based on prior publication of substantial portions of text, data, or conclusions, including if published in a language other than English or through electronic media such as websites.

Title information

May 2019; Vol. 34, No. 5

Spotlight Article

Aspiration or expiration: hypoxia and the interpretation of fish predation in the fossil record
D. Ross Robertson, Carole C. Baldwin, David Bellwood, Richard Pyle, William Smith-Vaniz, Luke Tornabene, and James L. Van Tassell

Research Articles

Refining the Croft parallel for acetate peel serial sectioning and virtual paleontology
Yuchen Zhang, Colin D. Sproat, Renbin Zhan, Weimin Zhang, Xiaocong Luan, and Bing Huang

A Cambrian meraspid cluster: evidence of trilobite egg deposition in a nest site

David R. Schwimmer and William M. Montante

Latitudinal patterns of gastropod drilling predation intensity through time
Subhronil Mondal, Hindolita Chakraborty, and Shubhabrata Paul

Burrows of the polychaete Perinereis aibuhiutensis on a tidal flat of the Yellow River Delta in China: implications for the ichnofossils Polykladichnus and Archaeonassa
Wang Yuanyuan, Wang Xueqin, Alfred Uchman, Hu Bin, and Song Huibo

June 2019; Vol. 34, No. 6

Research Articles

Wasting away in the intertidal: the fate of the chiton valves in an acidifying ocean
Bryce A. Peebles and Abigail M. Smith

The limits of Burgess Shale-type preservation: assessing the evidence for preservation of the blood protein hemocyanin in the Burgess Shale
Robert R. Gaines, Alexander J. Lombardo, Iris O. Holzer, and Jean-Bernard Caron

Unveiling the consequences of environmental variation and species abundances on beach taphofacies in Bahamas: the role of cementation and exhumation
Sol Bayer, Diego Balseiro, Diego F. Muñoz, and Sandra Gordillo

Evaluating growth and ecology in baculitid and scaphitid ammonites using stable isotope sclerochronology
Katherine Ferguson, Kenneth G. MacLeod, Neil H. Landman, and Jocelyn A. Sessa

Pages: 88
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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