Permian Rotliegend of the Netherlands

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Permian Rotliegend of the Netherlands

SEPM Special Publication 98

Jurgen Grotsch and Reinhard Gaupp

Publication date: 2011

More than 50 years ago, the discovery of the giant Groningen Gas Field in the subsurface of the Netherlands by NAM B.V. marked a turning point in the Dutch and European energy market initiating the replacement of coal by gas. Despite the fact that the Rotliegend dryland deposits in the Southern Permian Basin are one of Europe's most important georesources, no sedimentological overview is available to date for the subsurface of the Netherlands. This SEPM Special Publication presents for the first time such a summary of the present-day knowledge, including a comprehensive core atlas from on- and offshore wells. The latter is closely linked to the series of papers in the itself, essentially providing a reference handbook for "The Permian Rotliegend of the Netherlands". Progress as a result of many scientific and consultancy studies in the Rotliegend reservoirs is summarized in this volume, with contributions covering paleogeography, depositional environment, stratigraphy, diagenesis, structural geology as well as pressure and fluid distribution in the subsurface.

PDF ebook file size: 272 mb

ISBN 978-1-56576-300-5
eISBN 978-1-56576-291-6

Title information



Jürgen Grötsch and Reinhard Gaupp

Ken Glennie

Groningen: A Review

The Groningen Gas Field: Fifty years of exploration and gas production from a Permian dryland reservoir
Jürgen Grötsch, Arnoud Sluijk, Kees Van Ojik, Martin De Keijzer, Joris Graaf, and Joris Steenbrink


The rationale for an integrated stratigraphic framework of the Upper Rotliegend II depositional systemin the Netherlands
Kees van Ojik, Alain R. Böhm, Holger Cremer, Mark C. Geluk, Mat G.G De Jong, Harmen F. Mijnlieff, and S. Djin Nio

Depositional Environments

Rotliegend facies, sedimentary provinces, and stratigraphy, Southern Permian Basin UK and the Netherlands: A review with new observations
Steven G. Fryberger, Richard Knight, Caroline Hern, Andrea Moscariello, and Sander Kabel

A comparison of modern dryland depositional systems with the Rotliegend Group in the Netherlands
Tom McKie

Mapping of fluvial fairways in the Ten Boer Member, Southern Permian Basin
Marinus E. Donselaar, Irina Overeem, Johannes H.C. Reichwein, and Clemens A. Visser

Cyclicity and facies relationships at the interaction between aeolian, fluvial, and playa depositional environments in the Upper Rotliegend: Regional correlation across UK (Sole Pit Basin), the Netherlands, and Germany
Matteo Minervini, Massimo Rossi, and Donatella Mellere

Palaeotopography-governed sediment distribution—a new predictive model for the Permian Upper Rotliegend in the Dutch sector of the Southern Permian Basin
Harmen F. Mijnlieff and Mark Geluk

Sedimentary architecture and palaeogeography of Lower Slochteren aeolian cycles from the Rotliegend desert-lake margin (Permian), the Markham area, Southern North Sea
F.J.G. van den Belt and F.F.N. van Hulten

Sedimentary facies, correlation, and architecture of Rotliegend reservoirs at the Permian Basin margin: the P01-FA case study and the challenged myth of layer-cake stratigraphy
Andrea Moscariello

Diagenesis and reservoir quality of Rotliegend sandstones in the northern Netherlands—A review
Reinhard Gaupp and Jos A. Okkerman

Structure and Tectonics Fractures in the Dutch Rotliegend—An overview
Herald Ligtenberg, Jos Okkerman, and Martin de Keijzer

Pressures and Fluids

Pressure and fluid flow systems in the Permian Rotliegend in the Netherlands onshore and offshore
Hanneke Verweij, Erik Simmelink, and Jim Underschultz

Appendix A

The Permian Rotliegend of the Netherlands: Core Atlas
Kees van Ojik, Harmen F. Mijnlieff, Jurriaan Nortier, Reinhard Gaupp, and Jürgen Grötsch

Appendix B

The Permian Rotliegend of the Netherlands: Core Atlas
Harmen F. Mijnlieff, Kees van Ojik, Jurriaan Nortier, Jos A. Okkerman, Reinhard Gaupp, and Jürgen Grötsch


PDF ebook file size: 272 mb

Pages: 371
Publisher: SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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Jurgen Grotsch and Reinhard Gaupp