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Featured titles

Journal of Sedimentary Research 92:7 & 8 JSR 92:7&8
PALAIOS 37:7–8
Coccolithophores: The Calcifying Haploid Phase in Living Species Biology, Adaptive Morphology, Taxonomy
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 15
Marie-Pierre Aubry
Journal of Sedimentary Research 92:5 & 6 JSR 92:5&6
PALAIOS 37:5–6 PAL 37:5–6
Sandstone Petrography, Petrology, and Modeling
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 13
Thomas R. Taylor, Robert H. Lander, and Linda M. Bonnell
csp 13
Journal of Sedimentary Research 92:3 & 4 JSR 92:3&4
PALAIOS 37:3–4 PAL 37:3–4
Journal of Sedimentary Research 92:1 & 2 JSR 92:1&2
PALAIOS 37:1–2 PAL 37:1–2