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Featured titles

Reservoir Sedimentology
SEPM Special Publication 40
Roderick W. Tillman, K.J. Weber
Recent Developments in Fluvial Sedimentology
SEPM Special Publication 39
Frank G. Ethridge, Romeo M. Flore, Michael D. Harvey
Origin and Migration of Subsurface Sedimentary Brines
SEPM Short Course 21
Jeffrey S. Hanor
Innovative Biostratigraphic Approaches to Sequence Analysis—New Exploration Opportunities
8th Annual Research Conference
Arthur S. Waterman
Roles of Organic Matter in Sediment Diagenesis
SEPM Special Publication 38
Donald L. Gautier
Paleoclimates and Economic Geology
SEPM Short Course 18
Judith Totman Parrish, Eric J. Barron
Southeastern United States Selected Trips
SEPM Field Trip Guidebook 5
Daniel A. Textoris
Modern and Ancient Shelf Clastics
SEPM Core Workshop 9
Thomas F. Moslow, Eugene G. Rhodes
Strike-Slip Deformation, Basin Formation and Sedimentation
SEPM Special Publication 37
Kevin T. Biddle, Nicholas Christie-Blick
Carbonate Cements
SEPM Special Publication 36
Nahum Schneidermann, Paul Harris