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Featured titles

Carbonate Cements
SEPM Special Publication 36
Nahum Schneidermann, Paul Harris
Biogenic Structures: Their Use in Interpreting Depositional Environments
SEPM Special Publication 35
H. Allen Curran
Recognition of Fluvial Depositional Systems and Their Resource Potential
SEPM Short Course 19
Romeo M. Flores, Frank G. Ethridge, Andrew D. Miall, William E. Galloway, Thomas D. Fouch
Relationship of Organic Matter and Mineral Diagenesis
SEPM Short Course 17
Donald L. Gautier, Yousif K. Kharaka, Ronald C. Surdam
Glacial Sedimentary Environments
SEPM Short Course 16
Gail M. Ashley, John Shaw, Norman D. Smith
Shelf Sands and Sandstone Reservoirs
SEPM Short Course 13
R.W. Tillman, D.J.P. Swift, R.G. Walker
Fine-Grained Deposits and Biofacies of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: Evidence of Cyclic Sedimentary Processes
SEPM Field Trip Guidebook 4
Lisa M. Pratt, Erle G. Kauffman, Frederic B. Zelt
Depositional Modeling of Detrital Rocks: Emphasis on Cored Sequences of Petroleum Reservoirs
SEPM Core Workshop 8
Robert J. Weimer, Karen W. Porter, Cooper B. Land
Rocky Mountain Carbonate Reservoirs
SEPM Core Workshop 7
Mark W. Longman, Keith W. Shanley, Robert F. Lindsay, David E. Eby
Deep-Water Carbonates: Buildups, Turbidites, Debris Flows and Chalks
SEPM Core Workshop 6
Paul D. Crevello, Paul M. Harris