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Featured titles

Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Strata in the Moffatt Mound Area Near Lake Belton, Bell County, Texas
Field Trip Guide
D.L. Amsbury, T.A. Bay Jr., F.E. Lozo
Characteristics of Gulf Basin Deep-Water Sediments and Their Exploration Potential
5th Annual Reseach Conference
James M. Coleman, Arnold H. Bouma, Hank A. Hill, Marcus Milling, and William P.S. Ventress
Jurassic of the Gulf Rim
3rd Annual Research Conference
William P.S. Ventress, Don Bebout, Bob F. Perkins, Clyde H. Moore
The Shelfbreak: Critical Interface on Continental Margins
SEPM Special Publication 33
Daniel J. Stanley, George T. Moore
Platform Margin and Deep-Water Carbonates
SEPM Short Course 12
Harry E. Cook, Albert C. Hine, Henry T. Mullins
Patterns of Sedimentation, Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Cretaceous Rocks of the Rocky Mountains
SEPM Short Course 11
Dudley D. Rice, Donald L. Gautier
Stable Isotopes in Sedimentary Geology
SEPM Short Course 10
Michael A. Arthur, Thomas F. Anderson, Isaac R. Kaplan, Jan Veizer, Lynton S. Land
Carbonate Buildups
SEPM Core Workshop 4
Paul M. Harris
Upper Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy in Northeast Mississippi, Southwest Tennessee and Northwest Alabama, Shelf Chalks and Coastal Clastics
Field Trip Guide
Ernest E. Russell, Donald M. Keady, Earnest A. Mancini, Charles C. Smith
Structures and Sequences in Clastic Rocks
SEPM Short Course 9
J.C. Harms, J.B. Southard, R.G. Walker