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Featured titles

Principles and Applications of Coal Petrology
SEPM Short Course 8
John C. Crelling, Russell R. Dutcher
Carbonate Reservoir Rocks
SEPM Core Workshop 1
Robert B. Halley, Robert G. Loucks
Middle Eocene Coastal Plain and Nearshore Deposits of East Texas–Queen City Formation
Field Trip Guide
Bob F. Perkins, David Hobday
Geology of Continental Slopes
SEPM Special Publication 27
Larry J. Doyle, Orrin H. Pilkey
Aspects of Diagenesis
SEPM Special Publication 26
Peter A. Scholle, Paul R. Schluger
Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleoecology
SEPM Short Course 6
Jere H. Lipps, Wolfgang H. Berger, Martin A. Buzas, Robert G. Douglas, Charles A. Ross
Trace Fossil Concepts
SEPM Short Course 5
Paul B. Basan
Marine Evaporites
SEPM Short Course 4
Walter E. Dean, B. Charlotte Schreiber
Deep-Water Carbonate Environments
SEPM Special Publication 25
Harry E. Cook, Paul Enos
Beach and Nearshore Sedimentation
SEPM Special Publication 24
Richard A. Davis Jr., Raymond L. Ethington