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Featured titles

Upper Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy in Northeast Mississippi, Southwest Tennessee and Northwest Alabama, Shelf Chalks and Coastal Clastics
Field Trip Guide
Ernest E. Russell, Donald M. Keady, Earnest A. Mancini, Charles C. Smith
Structures and Sequences in Clastic Rocks
SEPM Short Course 9
J.C. Harms, J.B. Southard, R.G. Walker
How to Assess Maturation and Paleotemperatures
SEPM Short Course 7
F.L. Staplin, W.G. Dow, C.W.D. Milner, D.I. O'Connor, S.A.J. Pocock, P. van Gijzel, D.H. Welte, M.A. Yukler
Depositional and Diagenetic Spectra of Evaporites
SEPM Core Workshop 3
C. Robertson Handford, Robert G. Loucks, Graham R. Davies
Deltaic Sedimentation on Louisiana Coast
Dag Nummedal
The Deep Sea Drilling Project: A Decade of Progress
SEPM Special Publication 32
John E. Warme, Robert G. Douglas, Edward L. Winterer
Recent and Ancient Nonmarine Depositional Environments: Models for Exploration
SEPM Special Publication 31
Frank G. Ethridge, Romeo M. Flores
European Fossil Reef Models
SEPM Special Publication 30
Donald Francis Tommey
Deep-Water Clastic Sediments
SEPM Core Workshop 2
Charles T. Siemers, Roderick W. Tillman, Charles R. Williamson
Recognition of Shallow-Water versus Deep-Water Sedimentary Facies in Growth-Structure Affected Formations of the Gulf Coast Basin
2nd Annual Research Conference, 1981
Marc B. Edwards, Robert R. Berg, James M. Coleman, William E. Galloway, Jory A. Pacht, Edward B. Picou, Jr., and Howard J. Yorston