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Featured titles

Primary Sedimentary Structures and Their Hydrodynamic Interpretation
SEPM Special Publication 12
Gerard Middleton
Palynology in Oil Exploration
SEPM Special Publication 11
Aureal T. Cross
Polar Wandering and Continental Drift
SEPM Special Publication 10
Arthur C. Munyan
Type Localities of the Gulf, Unit III
15 Localities: Eocene to Lower Cretaceous
Harold V Andersen
Stratigraphic Study Pleistocene to Middle Eocene Houston, Texas
Jules Dubar
Type Localities of the Gulf, Unit II
20 Localities: Upper Eocene to Upper Cretaceous
Harold V Andersen
Middle Eocene of Houston Co., Texas
Field Trip Guide
R.P. Zingula and E.H. Rainwater
Taxonomic Notes on the Species by H.B. Brady in his "Report on the Foraminifera Dredged by the H.M.S. Challenger"
SEPM Special Publication 9
R. Wright Barker
Journal of Paleontology Index
SEPM Special Publication 8
Michael Chappars, Barbara Bloom, Hans Thalmann, Wolf Maync
Type Localities of the Gulf, Unit I
19 Localities: Lower Miocene to Lower Cretaceous
Harold V Andersen