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Rates of Geologic Processes, Tectonics, Sedimentation, Eustasy and Climate—Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
14th Annual Research Conference
John M. Armentrout, Roger Bloch, Hilary C. Olson, Bob F. Perkins
Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic Development of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Region—A Context for Hydrocarbon Exploration
13th Annual Research Conference
James L. Pindell, Bob F. Perkins
Coastal Depositional Systems in the Gulf of Mexico
12th Annual Research Conference
William P.S. Ventress and Bob F. Perkins
Gulf Coast Oils and Gases
9th Annual Research Conference
Dieter Schumacher and Bob F. Perkins
Sequence Stratigraphy as an Exploration Tool: Concepts and Practices in the Gulf Coast
11th Annual Research Conference
John M. Armentrout, Bob F. Perkins
Shelf Sedimentation, Shelf Sequences and Related Hydrocarbon Accumulation
7th Annual Research conference
Robert A. Morton, Dag Nummedal
Gulf of Mexico Salt Tectonics, Associated Processes and Exploration Potential
10th Annual Conference
Allen Lowrie, Marc B. Edwards, James F. Fox, Jerry Watson, Dorene West, Robert Evans, Thomas H. Nelson, William Feathergail Wilson, Jon Blickwede, Lee Fairchild, Frank Sauer, and Howard Yorston
Innovative Biostratigraphic Approaches to Sequence Analysis—New Exploration Opportunities
8th Annual Research Conference
Arthur S. Waterman
Lower Cretaceous Depositional Environments From Shoreline to Slope
A core workshop
Don Bebout, Doug Ratcliff
Timing of Siliciclastic Diagenesis: Relationship to Hydrocarbon Migration
6th Annual Research Conference
Ray E. Ferrell, Harry Dahl, Lynton S. Land, Earle F. McBride, Stephen Sears, Ron K. Stoessell, and Alan F. Thomson