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Deltaic Sedimentation on Louisiana Coast
Dag Nummedal
Recognition of Shallow-Water versus Deep-Water Sedimentary Facies in Growth-Structure Affected Formations of the Gulf Coast Basin
2nd Annual Research Conference, 1981
Marc B. Edwards, Robert R. Berg, James M. Coleman, William E. Galloway, Jory A. Pacht, Edward B. Picou, Jr., and Howard J. Yorston
Middle Eocene Coastal Plain and Nearshore Deposits of East Texas–Queen City Formation
Field Trip Guide
Bob F. Perkins, David Hobday
The Ruins of Tikal: Map of Site
Proceedings of Symposium on Calcareous Nannofossils
Lee A. Smith and Jan Hardenbol
Geological Field Guide to Neogene Sections in Jamaica, West Indies
Field Trip Guide
E. Robinson
Type Localities of the Gulf, Unit III
15 Localities: Eocene to Lower Cretaceous
Harold V Andersen
Stratigraphic Study Pleistocene to Middle Eocene Houston, Texas
Jules Dubar
Type Localities of the Gulf, Unit II
20 Localities: Upper Eocene to Upper Cretaceous
Harold V Andersen
Middle Eocene of Houston Co., Texas
Field Trip Guide
R.P. Zingula and E.H. Rainwater