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Evaluating Water-Depth Variation and Mapping Depositional Facies on the Great Bahama Bank—A "Flat-Topped" Isolated Carbonate Platform
SEPM Short Course 56
Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, James Ellis, Samuel J. Purkis
Analogs for Carbonate Deposition in Early Rift Setting
SEPM Short Course 55
Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, James Ellis, Samuel J. Purkis
Delineating and Quantifying Depositional Facies Patterns of Modern Carbonate Sand Deposits on Great Bahama Bank
SEPM Short Course 54
Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, James Ellis, Samuel J. Purkis
Satellite Imagery, Visualization and Geological Interpretation of the Exumas, Great Bahama Bank: An Analog for Carbonate Sand Reservoirs
SEPM Short Course 53
Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, James Ellis
Applied Ichnology
SEPM Short Course 52
James A. MacEachern, Kerrie L. Bann, Murray K. Gingras, S. George Pemberton
Continental Trace Fossils
SEPM Short Course 51
Stephen T. Hasiotis
Applied Sandstone Diagenesis - Practical Petrographic Solutions
Short Course 50
Sharon A. Stonecipher
3-D Seismic Interpretation- A primer for geologists
Short Course 48
Bruce Hart
Sequence Stratigraphy and Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs
Short Course 40
Charles Kerans, Scott Tinker
Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Techniques for Sedimentary Data
SEPM Short Course 36
Gerard V. Middleton, Roy E. Plotnick, David M. Rubin