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Cenozoic Isolated Carbonate Platforms—Focus Southeast Asia
SEPM Special Publication 114
Eugene C. Rankey and Michael C. Pöppelreiter
SP 114
Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Tectonostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Western Pangea
SEPM Special Publication 113
Charles M. Henderson, Walter S. Snyder, and Scott M. Ritter
SP 113
Carbonate Pore Systems: New Developments and Case Studies
SEPM Special Publication 112
Donald F. McNeill, Paul (Mitch) Harris, Eugene C. Rankey, and Jean C.C. Hsieh
SP 112
From the Mountains to the Abyss: The California Borderland as an Archive of Southern California Geologic Evolution
SEPM Special Publication 110
Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Jon R. Schwalbach, and Richard J. Behl
SP 110
Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils IV
SEPM Special Publication 111
Richard A. Denne and Alicia Kahn
SP 111
Latitudinal Controls on Stratigraphic Models and Sedimentary Concepts
SEPM Special Publication 108
Carmen M. Fraticelli, Paul J. Markwick, Allard W. Martinius, and John R. Suter
Characterization and Modeling of Carbonates - Mountjoy Symposium 1
SEPM Special Publication 109
Alex J. MacNeil, Jeff Lonnee, and Rachel Wood
SP 109
New Advances in Devonian Carbonates: Outcrop Analogs, Reservoirs, and Chronostratigraphy
SEPM Special Publication 107
Ted E. Playton, Charles Kerans, and John A.W. Weissenberger
SP 107
Autogenic Dynamics and Self-Organization in Sedimentary Systems
SEPM Special Publication 106
David A. Budd, Elizabeth A. Hajek, and Sam J. Purkis
SP 106
Deposits, Architecture, and Controls on Carbonate Margin, Slope and Basinal Settings
SEPM Special Publication 105
Klaas Verwer, Ted E. Playton, and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris