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Middle East Models of Jurassic/Cretaceous Carbonate Systems
SEPM Special Publication 69
A.S. Alsharhan, R.W. Scott
Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenesis in the Evolving Precambrian World
SEPM Special Publication 67
John P. Grotzinger, Noel P. James
Marine Authigenesis: From Global to Microbial
SEPM Special Publication 66
Craig R. Glenn, Liliane Prevot-Lucas, Jacques Lucas
Geologic Framework of the Capitan Reef
SEPM Special Publication 65
Arthur H. Saller, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Brenda L. Kirkland, Salvatore J. Mazzullo
Isolated Shallow Marine Sand Bodies: Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis and Sedimentologic Interpretation
SEPM Special Publication 64
Katherine M. Bergman, John W. Snedden
Advances in Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy: Application to Resevoirs, Outcrops and Models
SEPM Special Publication 63
Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, Arthur H. Saller, J.A. (Toni) Simo
Numerical Experiments in Stratigraphy: Recent Advances in Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Computer Simulations
SEPM Special Publication 62
John W. Harbaugh, W. Lynn Watney, Eugene Rankey, Rudy Slingerland, Robert Goldstein, Evan Franseen
Tidalites: Processes and Products
SEPM Special Publication 61
Clark Alexander, Richard A. Davis, Jr., Vernon J. Henry
Mesozoic and Cenozoic Sequence Stratigraphy of European Basins
SEPM Special Publication 60
Pierre-Charles de Graciansky, Jan Hardenbol, Thierry Jacquin, Peter Vail
Relative Role of Eustasy, Climate, and Tectonism in Continental Rocks
SEPM Special Publication 59
Keith W. Shanley, Peter J. McCabe