Featured titles

Reservoir Sedimentology
SEPM Special Publication 40
Roderick W. Tillman, K.J. Weber
Modern and Ancient Shelf Clastics
SEPM Core Workshop 9
Thomas F. Moslow, Eugene G. Rhodes
Recognition of Fluvial Depositional Systems and Their Resource Potential
SEPM Short Course 19
Romeo M. Flores, Frank G. Ethridge, Andrew D. Miall, William E. Galloway, Thomas D. Fouch
Shelf Sands and Sandstone Reservoirs
SEPM Short Course 13
R.W. Tillman, D.J.P. Swift, R.G. Walker
Depositional Modeling of Detrital Rocks: Emphasis on Cored Sequences of Petroleum Reservoirs
SEPM Core Workshop 8
Robert J. Weimer, Karen W. Porter, Cooper B. Land
Timing of Siliciclastic Diagenesis: Relationship to Hydrocarbon Migration
6th Annual Research Conference
Ray E. Ferrell, Harry Dahl, Lynton S. Land, Earle F. McBride, Stephen Sears, Ron K. Stoessell, and Alan F. Thomson
Siliciclastic Shelf Sediments
SEPM Special Publication 34
Roderick W. Tillman, Charles T. Siemers
Modern and Ancient Deep Sea Fan Sedimentation
SEPM Short Course 14
C. Hans Nelson, Tor H. Nilsen
Structures and Sequences in Clastic Rocks
SEPM Short Course 9
J.C. Harms, J.B. Southard, R.G. Walker
Deep-Water Clastic Sediments
SEPM Core Workshop 2
Charles T. Siemers, Roderick W. Tillman, Charles R. Williamson