Depositional Systems

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Siltstones, Mudstones and Shales: Depositional Processes and Characteristics
SEPM Miscellaneous Publication
Erik D. Scott, Arnold H. Bouma, William R. Bryant
Shelf Margin Deltas and Linked Down Slope Petroleum Systems—Global Significance and Future Exploration Potential
23rd Annual Research Conference
H.R. Roberts, N.C. Rosen, R.H. Fillon, J.B. Anderson
Sedimentation in Continental Rifts
SEPM Special Publication 73
Robin W. Renaut, Gail M. Ashley
Modern and Ancient Carbonate Eolianites: Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Diagensis
SEPM Special Publication 71
F.E.(Rick) Abegg, P.M. (Mitch) Harris, David B. Loope
Gulf of Mexico Basin Biostratigraphic Index Fossils, Parts I and II
Edward Picou, JR., Bob Perkins, Norman Rosen, Michael Nault
Tidalites: Processes and Products
SEPM Special Publication 61
Clark Alexander, Richard A. Davis, Jr., Vernon J. Henry
Relative Role of Eustasy, Climate, and Tectonism in Continental Rocks
SEPM Special Publication 59
Keith W. Shanley, Peter J. McCabe
Hydrogeologic Models of Sedimentary Aquifers
Cool-Water Carbonates
SEPM Special Publication 56
Noel P. James, Jonathan A.D. Clarke
Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Techniques for Sedimentary Data
SEPM Short Course 36
Gerard V. Middleton, Roy E. Plotnick, David M. Rubin