Featured titles

Clay Minerals for Petroleum Geologists and Engineers
SEPM Short Course 22
Eric Eslinger, David Pevear
Origin and Migration of Subsurface Sedimentary Brines
SEPM Short Course 21
Jeffrey S. Hanor
Roles of Organic Matter in Sediment Diagenesis
SEPM Special Publication 38
Donald L. Gautier
Relationship of Organic Matter and Mineral Diagenesis
SEPM Short Course 17
Donald L. Gautier, Yousif K. Kharaka, Ronald C. Surdam
Timing of Siliciclastic Diagenesis: Relationship to Hydrocarbon Migration
6th Annual Research Conference
Ray E. Ferrell, Harry Dahl, Lynton S. Land, Earle F. McBride, Stephen Sears, Ron K. Stoessell, and Alan F. Thomson
Stable Isotopes in Sedimentary Geology
SEPM Short Course 10
Michael A. Arthur, Thomas F. Anderson, Isaac R. Kaplan, Jan Veizer, Lynton S. Land
Carbonate Buildups
SEPM Core Workshop 4
Paul M. Harris
How to Assess Maturation and Paleotemperatures
SEPM Short Course 7
F.L. Staplin, W.G. Dow, C.W.D. Milner, D.I. O'Connor, S.A.J. Pocock, P. van Gijzel, D.H. Welte, M.A. Yukler
Depositional and Diagenetic Spectra of Evaporites
SEPM Core Workshop 3
C. Robertson Handford, Robert G. Loucks, Graham R. Davies
Marine Phosphorites: Geochemistry, Occurrence, Genesis
SEPM Special Publication 29
Y.K. Bentor