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Attributes: New Views on Seismic Imaging—Their Use in Exploration and Production
31st Annual Conference
Kurt J. Marfurt, Dengliang Gao, Art Barnes, Satinder Chopra, Antonio Corrao, Bruce Hart, Huw James, Jory Pacht, Norman C. Rosen
Sedimentary Record of Meteorite Impacts (GSA)
GSA Special Paper 437
Kevin R. Evans, J.Wright Horton Jr., David T. King Jr., Jared R. Morrow
Saxa Loquntur (Rocks Speak)
The Life and Times of the Geologist, Gerald M. Friedman
Gerald M. Friedman
Aquifer Characterization
SEPM Special Publication 80
John S. Bridge, David W. Hyndman
3-D Seismic Interpretation- A primer for geologists
Short Course 48
Bruce Hart
Hydrogeologic Models of Sedimentary Aquifers
SEPM Concepts in Hydrology and Environmental Geology 1
Gordon S. Fraser, J. Matthew Davis
Introduction to Environmental Hydrogeology
SEPM Short Course 32
Eric Eslinger, Uriel Oko, Jacqueline A. Smith, G.H. Holliday
Middle Eocene Coastal Plain and Nearshore Deposits of East Texas–Queen City Formation
Field Trip Guide
Bob F. Perkins, David Hobday
Geological Field Guide to Neogene Sections in Jamaica, West Indies
Field Trip Guide
E. Robinson
Polar Wandering and Continental Drift
SEPM Special Publication 10
Arthur C. Munyan