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Ichnology: The Use of Trace Fossils in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
SEPM Short Course 15
A.A. Ekdale, R.G. Bromley, S.G. Pemberton
Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleoecology
SEPM Short Course 6
Jere H. Lipps, Wolfgang H. Berger, Martin A. Buzas, Robert G. Douglas, Charles A. Ross
Trace Fossil Concepts
SEPM Short Course 5
Paul B. Basan
Palynology in Oil Exploration
SEPM Special Publication 11
Aureal T. Cross
Taxonomic Notes on the Species by H.B. Brady in his "Report on the Foraminifera Dredged by the H.M.S. Challenger"
SEPM Special Publication 9
R. Wright Barker
Journal of Paleontology Index
SEPM Special Publication 8
Michael Chappars, Barbara Bloom, Hans Thalmann, Wolf Maync
Bibliography of Otoliths
SEPM Special Publication 1
Robert B. Campbell