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Systematics of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals
SEPM Short Course 31
Robert H. Goldstein, T. James Reynolds
Luminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Qualitative and Quantitative Applications
SEPM Short Course 25
Charles E. Barker, Otto C. Kopp
Carbonate Cements
SEPM Special Publication 36
Nahum Schneidermann, Paul Harris
How to Assess Maturation and Paleotemperatures
SEPM Short Course 7
F.L. Staplin, W.G. Dow, C.W.D. Milner, D.I. O'Connor, S.A.J. Pocock, P. van Gijzel, D.H. Welte, M.A. Yukler
Principles and Applications of Coal Petrology
SEPM Short Course 8
John C. Crelling, Russell R. Dutcher
Index to the Journal of Sedimentary Petrology Volume 1-26, 1931-1956
SEPM Special Publication 6
Barbara H. Bloom