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Sequence Stratigraphy and Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs
Short Course 40
Charles Kerans, Scott Tinker
Shallow Marine and Nonmarine Reservoirs: Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Architecture and Production Characteristics
18th Annual Research Conference
Keith W. Shanley, Bob F. Perkins
Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization: Geologic framework and flow unit modeling
SEPM Short Course 34
Emily L. Stoudt, Paul M. Harris
Reservoir Quality Assessment and Prediction in Clastic Rocks
SEPM Short Course 30
Michael D. Wilson
Paleokarst Related Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
SEPM Core Workshop 18
Richard D. Fritz, James L. Wilson, Donald A. Yurewiczk
Applications of Ichnology to Petroleum Exploration
SEPM Core Workshop 17
S. George Pemberton
Miocene and Oligocene Petroleum Reservoirs of the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara-Ventura Basins, California
SEPM Core Workshop 14
Margaret A. Keller, Mary K. McGowan
Giant Oil and Gas Fields - Volumes 1 & 2
SEPM Core Workshop 12 - Combines CW 10 & 11
Anthony J. Lomando, Paul M. Harris
Reservoir Sedimentology
SEPM Special Publication 40
Roderick W. Tillman, K.J. Weber
Recognition of Fluvial Depositional Systems and Their Resource Potential
SEPM Short Course 19
Romeo M. Flores, Frank G. Ethridge, Andrew D. Miall, William E. Galloway, Thomas D. Fouch