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Graphic Correlation
SEPM Special Publication 53
Keith Olin Mann, H. Richard Lane
Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractals: New Numerical Techniques for Sedimentary Data
SEPM Short Course 36
Gerard V. Middleton, Roy E. Plotnick, David M. Rubin
Milankovitch Sea-Level Changes, Cycles, and Reservoirs on Carbonate Platforms in Greenhouse and Ice-House Worlds
SEPM Short Course 35
J.F. Read, Charles Kerans, L. James Weber, J.F. Sarg, Frank M. Wright
Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization: Geologic framework and flow unit modeling
SEPM Short Course 34
Emily L. Stoudt, Paul M. Harris
Stratigraphic Evolution of Foreland Basins
SEPM Special Publication 52
Steven L. Dorobek, Gerald M. Ross
Incised-Valley Systems: Origin and Sedimentary Sequences
SEPM Special Publication 51
Robert W. Dalrymple, Ron Boyd, Brian Zaitlin
Climate Model Application in Paleoenvironmental Analysis
SEPM Short Course 33
Eric J. Barron, George T. Moore
Geological Log Interpretation
SEPM Short Course 29
John H. Doveton
Tectonic and Eustatic Controls on Sedimentary Cycles
Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology 4
John M. Dennison, Frank R. Ettensohn
Applications of Paleomagnetism to Sedimentary Geology
SEPM Special Publication 49
D.M. Aissaoui, D.F. McNeill, N.F. Hurley